Published on 25 october 2019 by Bram Vromans.

Een nieuw product lanceren? Een brug bouwen? Een digitaal selfservice platform implementeren? Grote changes of transformaties binnen bedrijven worden meestal via een projectmatige aanpak doorgevoerd. En met succes. Helaas kan het soms ook misgaan. Wat doe je daar dan aan...en beter nog: hoe voorkom je dat?

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Published on 29 october 2017 by Bram Vromans.

…a question that a PMO manager regularly receives nowadays. In most cases from senior management.

The answer is quite straightforward:

if you are applying agile principles (like Scrum/Kanban/Safe/Less…) and if your goal is...

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Published on 19 october 2017 by Bram Vromans.

From time to time I get the question from people in my network if they should choose for a Prince2 or a PMI certification. First of all, great idea to invest some time & effort in a Project management certification! Whether this is based on Prince 2, PMI, IPMA or Agile PM…in all cases this will be an added value...

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Published on 22 march 2017 by Bram Vromans.

Some weeks ago, I internally discussed the do’s & don’ts for creating a strong business case. Why not sharing the key insights on linked-in? Feel free to add your personal tips. Personally I have quite some experience with developing/reviewing business cases. As well before as after project implementation. Although an idea is what often gets investors / business sponsors...

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